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Wrought Iron Fences

If you are looking to add that extra touch to your house to make it look even more aesthetically pleasing then Wrought Iron Fence Houston may be the way to go. Wrought Iron Fences are an elegant addition to any home or business. At Houstonian Fence Supply we have the raw material and pre-fabricated panels, so you can choose your ideal fence. For your Wrought Iron Fence Houston, pick between the basic black, galvanized wrought iron and plastic layer coated. Choose any color you like to match with the exterior of your home when deciding on your Wrought Iron Fence Houston.

When you choose a Wrought Iron Fence Houston, or anywhere for that matter you are choosing, you are picking a metal that has a long history or practicality and usefulness. An iron alloy, wrought iron is an easily adjustable metal that replaced steel in many uses. It was up to the 19th Century that wrought iron was one of the most popular metals being used for swords, cutlery, railways, nuts, bolts, nails, wire and of course ornamental ironwork. Today, it is not used for as many things since cheaper, lighter metals have been utilized. Wrought iron gates have been used for centuries however, from the Roman times to the British Empire. Even the Eiffel Tower is made from puddle iron, which is a sturdy form of wrought iron.

There are many different ways to develop wrought iron, which actually means “iron that has been worked”. These different processes determine how durable the metal will be and from what metals the iron will come from. Wrought iron does not have to look old and traditional though. Your Wrought Iron Fence Houston can be chic and modern, matching with whatever décor your house has. We also provide wrought iron gates to go along with your Wrought Iron Fence Houston.

We get our Wrought Iron Fences Houston from the top manufacturers and offer up to a twenty-year warranty so you can feel rest assured that your sturdy fence will be there for you. If you want to install your own Wrought Iron Fence Houston, we will provide you with a how-to guide to make sure you install it properly and efficiently. Follow this link to see an example of a Wrought Iron Fence Houston:

Wrought Iron Fences are some of the most durable fences that you can find. Although sometimes it can be a little pricier, the cost will pay for itself with its longevity. Most Wrought Iron Fences Houston can last generations with minimal care, making that one time investment well worth it. There are many different styles of wrought iron fences that you can get including ones with pickets, pyramids, tridents and spades. To prevent rusting on your wrought iron fence, make sure that any areas that can gather moisture and therefore oxidize your metal are sanded down and repainted. This will keep your wrought iron fence looking new for decades to come. Find out more about our Wrought Iron Fence Houston here: