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Aluminum Fence

Live near a body of water? Then aluminum fencing is the right choice for you. Houstonian Fence Supply highly recommends aluminum fences for fencing near water. We offer everything from raw materials to complete packages ready fo installation.

Aluminum fences are very popular around the world for their versatility, style and durability. Used for both commercial and residential purposes, the aluminum fence can be classified into residential, commercial, and industrial. The lightest of all four grades is the residential grade, which can be very cost effective!

Houstonian Fence Supply offers a wide variety of pre-fabricated panels and custom fabricated panels for customers to choose from. Though aluminum fences cost more, their long lasting quality makes them worth the price. Not only are they easy to install, they come with fantastic warranty packages!


For those who choose to guard their boundaries with aluminum fences, there is the option of painting the aluminum fence panels, posts, and hardware any color desired. Typically aluminum fences are painted black, they are also available in any colors. Powder coated sections and posts are also available; the powder coating is a layer to further protect the aluminum fence from corrosion.

Size and use

Aluminum fences are available in many sizes and they are designed for keeping pets, guarding a pool or property. It is most commonly used for backyards and pools though.

In the commercial and industrial sector a large size aluminum fence is used for security purposes. Aluminum gates are perfect for large gates and commercial or industrial applications due to the lighter weight than steel.

Ease and advantage

Aluminum fences are popular because of the benefits they provide to the owner. Aluminum fences that have been designed for the residential grade are lighter and more economical than the ones manufactured for commercial and industrial use. Aluminum fences are very easy to maintain, as they don’t require much time in cleaning and washing. Owners can customize it according to their own will and use it on any size of property.

In case of damage, a section of the aluminum fence can be easily removed without disturbing the others. One of the main advantages is that, to cover a very large area of property one can simply install aluminum fences without taking up a lot of space. Along with a fence many owners can also install a matching gate with their fence to further enhance the beauty of their property. Houstonian Fence Supply can manufacture the aluminum gate of your dreams, ready for installation along with your aluminum fence.

Manufacture and installation

As aluminum lasts longer we provide a warranty of up to 20 years. The pre-fabricated panels are manufactured in USA, and they also offer easy installation. Aluminum fence packages can be tailored to your specific requests and specifications.

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