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Houstonian Fence is located on 10214 East Hardy Road, less than 10 minutes away from downtown Houston. Please come by and visit our yard which includes a vast selection of masonry products.

Masonry products are essential materials needed for all types of construction. From fence installation to concrete foundation, Houstonian Fence Supply stocks the most common masonry products..

We at Houstonian Fence supply offer our customers a wide range of masonry products that include, pea gravel, bull rock, limestone, all types of mix dirt, mulch, select fill, concrete, ready-mix and fill dirt. We provide all the products that our customers need to build their fences and many other projects.

From CMU to brick walls, Houstonian Fence Supply can provide you with the materials to build your dream masonry fence. Masonry fences are constructed in many different styles, some owners wish to construct a fence entirely built of masonry, and others like to add wood or iron to give a more graceful look.


Masonry products are widely used for the construction of buildings, th is due to its durability and the appearance that it gives. There is a diverse range for owners to choose from when it comes to building a fence with masonry products. Masonry products are heavy and therefore require a strong foundation beneath.

Ease and Advantage

One of the major advantages of masonry fences is that they do not require any maintenance, they can last for decades without maintenance. Most important of all a masonry fence cannot be broken easily, and if built high it also reduces the risks of theft.