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One of the most popular and durables types of fencing is PVC. PVC is a thermoplastic polmer, basically a durable and easy to work with plastic. PVC fencing in Houston is a great option and a must have for customers needing durability and visual appeal. There was a time when PVC was only associated with plumbing or electric products, but now it is also used in fencing products. PVC is one of the most durable materials for the purpose of fencing. PVC fences have become very popular in a very short period of time. There is misconception that PVC fences are expensive as compared to wooden fences. If one calculates the total cost of both the products along with maintenance, repair and the total life of the product PVC are worth the little extra price one pays. In a very short period of time PVC fences have taken the place of wood fences.

Color and style

PVC fences are usually white so that they are able to resist the UV rays. The white paint gives a neat and clean effect but PVC fences are available in a variety of color and finishes, for instance, red, green, and black.

Houstonian fence supply offers its customers, a variety of styles to choose from such as, post, rail, picket and privacy style.

Ease and Advantage

A PVC fence is not only durable it will last longer than an ordinary wood fence. A wooden fence can last up to fifteen years, a PVC fence on the other hand will last up to fifty years. PVC fences add to the beauty of a house and at the same time provide privacy to the owner.

PVC fences are maintenance free because of the sturdy nature and there is no need to paint or sand it. Made from a durable type of plastic they do not catch termites nor do they rot due to the harshness of weather. The paint of PVC fences does not peel off or wear out with time, making it the customer’s favorite. The popularity of PVC fences will help an owner in increasing the value of their property.

Manufacture and installation

Houstonian Fence Supply offers a wide variety and selection of PVC fence panels and posts. Please stop by and visit with us to discuss your preferences. One of our representatives can recommend the perfect solution for you.