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Wood fences are very popular among homeowners, and more than 90% of homes in the Houston area have wooden boundaries. Houstonian Fence Supply offers everything needed to complete your next wood fence. Wooden fences make a property look elegant, while providing privacy to the residents. The reason that it is the top priority of customers is the natural look it has when installed in a surrounding.

Size and use

The standard height of our fence is usually 6 feet in height, using 4”x4” posts, (3) 2”x4”x7’ rails. Wood pickets are 1”x6”x6’ and we provide a diverse range of board styles. We also build cap and trim (cedar), upgrade baseboards to 1”x6” / 2”x6” / 2”x12”.

Wooden fences are durable, and so owners choose to install them in their gardens, surrounding their pools and many property owners purchase them as a matching gate. We provide split-rail wood fences that are perfect for ranch style homes, most ideal wood for split-rail wood fencing is redwood.

Color and styles

Wood fences are available in many different styles, depending on the use of the owner. We also offer staining products; staining the wood according to the customer’s color choice make it water resistant.

Ease and advantage

Cedar is the most preferred choice for wooden fences because of its look and also its ability to last longer compared to other types. Cedar fences do not require a very high level of maintenance, which saves its homeowners plenty of time.

Pressure treated wood is the choice of those who need more economical options. Treated wood is resistant against the harshness of nature. This type of wood is usually found in green color and with time it turns grayish.

Redwood panels are the most expensive and the most ideal of all. Redwood fences are naturally resistant to mildew and insects; therefore, they don’t need to be stained.