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Hardware and Fittings for Fence and Gate Parts

At Houstonian fence supply we provide our customers with all the hardware and fitting material required for fence and gate parts. We provide our customers a great selection to choose from and invite them to visit Houstonian Fence Supply for their fence fitting and hardware needs. Fence and gate items are important both aesthetically and function wise.

Hardware and fittings

Hardware and fitting are the most common items needed from our customers. Houstonian Fence Supply provides an abundant selection of fittings and hardware for every fence type. Security and safety are crucial factors for any property. In order to make a fence secure and functional the right set of hardware and fittings are required. There needs to be a balance between aesthetics and functionality of a fence and gate parts so the right purpose can be served.


The type of fences and gates that Houstonian fence supply offers products for include Wood, Wrought Iron, Aluminum, Chain Link and Gate Parts. With the change in raw material the hard and fitting also change. Every type requires a different set of nuts and bolts to hold it tight. We at Houstonian Fence Supply, offer services not only provide our customers with fences and gates but also with the tools that our customers need to install them.

Fence items

Fence installation at times is easy enough to be done by the customer for products such as wood fences. Products such as aluminum fences, railing and chain link fences require professional assistance. Not only are fences designed to give your property an attractive look, they also add to the finish of the fence. Fence items that we provide include Nails, brackets, bolts, nuts, anchors, screws, hardware, caps, trims, security Items, accessories, hinges, plates.

Gates items

While installing a gate customers hardly give a thought to gate items such as hinges. Gates hinges are indeed just as important as the gate itself. Hinges are required to hold the gate in its place. With times hinges tend to rust and their hold on the door weakens. To make sure our customers don’t face such problems we provide them with galvanized stainless steel hinges.

To make sure our customers get value, we offer discount pricing on single pieces to bulk orders. Style and function are a priority for us, so we stock standard and custom parts. We also provide our customers with all the necessary equipment for installation. Gate items that we provide include Swing, Slide, Cantilever hardware parts, rollers, wheelers, braces, brackets, overhead gate parts, rolling gate parts.