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Let Houstonian Fence Supply bid your next railing project! Offering prefabricated and custom railing panels, Houstonian Fence Supply is ready to complete your project. Railings are used for many purposes, whether it is for safety or blocking human entry from a specific area. Houstonian Fence Supply offers its customers a wide variety of options.

Color and styles

Our customers can buy from a simple to elegant look according to their taste. The design and style of a railing vary with the need of the customer. For instance, a factory may require railings to protect the expensive equipment it owns, and a house may require a different type to define its premises. It is important that a customer understand the purpose of the railing before making a purchase as the material and design change with the need.

Railings are available in many colors and they can be painted according to the customer’s choice. Railings are used both on commercial and residential level.

Public safety

In public places railings are used to protect people from accidental falls, for example in architectural railing and environmental railings. Architectural railings are used in buildings according to requirement such as stair cases, balconies and so on. Environmental railings may be used for hiking trails or scenic overlooks to provide people a support when there is a change in elevation.

Automobile safety

Railings are used to prevent automobile accidents on the road or highways. In mountainous areas where the road are bumped and pose a risk to driving railings help keep vehicles on track.

Ease and advantage

Metal railings are strong and they provide their owners the advantage of a secure and safe environment. Owners with young children can install these railings to prevent their kids from falling or tripping over.

Another advantage that owners get on installing railings is that the aesthetic value of their property increases, which also improves the market value of a property. Good looking properties are always easy to sell. It is safe to say, the most elegant houses in Houston have a decorative railing offering security and enhancing design to their stairways.

Raw materials and Installation

In the manufacturing of railings, the common raw materials used are wrought iron and aluminum. Wrought iron and aluminum railings are most durable.

Railings require a strong fitting into the surface. Therefore, it also requires heavy equipment for installation.