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Choosing Your Perfect Fence Material


If you are planning on building a fence on your property then you want to think carefully about what the perfect Houston fence material is for your home. At Houstonian Fence Supply, we have a wide variety of Houston fence materials to suit any customer’s needs. We provide only the finest quality products, in addition to all of the little things that you will need to construct your fence. We specialize in providing fast quotations so that you can get started on your fence as soon as you would like to. With same-day quotes and delivery, you can buy all of the Houston fence materials you need in one stress free day.

In this posting we will explore numerous Houston fence materials and highlight the similarities, the differences, and the advantages of each material for fencing your home.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is one of the most common and frequently used Houston fence materials for numerous reasons. Wrought iron has a unique aesthetic beauty that adds a level of elegance to any home. This Houston fence material is also very durable and involves little maintenance over time. That is the reason why we offer up to 20-year warranties for this product. Customizable plastic coding also allows you to choose almost any color you desire, if you decide not to go with the usual black.


Chain-link is possibly the most practical Houston fence material for domestic use. There are numerous advantages that no other fence has. Most notably, chain-link fences are transparent, which means that light can transfer through without disruption. This keeps properties sunny and open to the rest of the community. With chain-link you can also easily choose the specific height that you want. It is also one of the most affordable materials, making it an all around smart choice.


Wooden fences are the traditional fencing material. Everyone can remember the classic white picket fence that encloses the lawn of a quaint, red-bricked home. Well wood fences are still just at popular now as they were hundreds of years ago. You can find any look for your fence that you want whether it is rustic, classic, chic, or modern looking. You can also choose which kind of wood you want as your Houston fence material. Cedar is affordable and elegant looking, pressurized wood is cheap and durable, and redwood fences are the top of the top.


If you are looking for practicality in your fence, then Aluminum is the right Houston fence material for you. Aluminum fences are simple and compliment any property well. Manufactured in the USA, this material is also one of the more affordable options. No maintenance is needed for these fences either, and if you need to replace a section it is very easy to do so without altering the rest of your fence.


PVC is quickly becoming one of the new cornerstones in fencing. Its extreme durability and adaptability make it a great choice for your Houston fence material. Although it is slightly more expensive than some of the other materials, its longevity makes it an investment worth making!